The word for “routine” in Sanskrit, the language of the Vedas, is “ritam.” Another translation of “ritam” is “rhythm.” Most people think of “routine” as dull and boring. But “rhythm”, means music! Rhythm has a tempo, a beat, a pulse and is alive.

Ritam (rhythm), Bhara (full of), Pragya (mind), in other words means a “mind full of rhythm”. It represents a state of mind where the thought waves are synchronous with the order of the universe. It is also the state of the mind where the microcosm and macrocosm are in coherence with each other.

It has been said that people who meditate acquire many powers like telepathy, reverse telepathy, spontaneous fulfillment of desires, meaningful coincidences, synchrodestiny etc. From where do these powers come?

Our consciousness or the soul is the silent state of mind with infinite powers. These powers are hidden under the smoke of mind, intellect and ego, which in turn are controlled by the software of action, memory and desires.

The interface between these two layers, the disturbed and the undisturbed state of consciousness, is what the “ritam bhara pragya” is. Once you are in this state, the intention becomes powerful, and one starts experiencing spontaneous fulfillment of desires.

In the Vedas, this term is loosely translated as “a state where only truth is known”. It is said that if one can be conscious in this state, a desire can be manifested, as it is right at the level of manifestation into the physical plane. This is also the level where one experiences Siddhis, or the super normal powers described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.

This consciousness level is the “interface” between the most refined condition of the relative one and the absolute one. It is perceptible only if the intellect is perfectly pure and is overshadowed by nothing. When during meditation one becomes non local, one experiences it. Sometimes one has the rare luck to dive into this level.

Any question, which is asked at this level is immediately, is completely and truly answered. It works like a gigantic, cosmic and all-knowing computer.

Meditation can raise the consciousness level from the limited (‘seemit’) individualized I-ism to the unlimited universal ‘aham’ and helps to develop this ritam bhara pragya in which the untrue, unholy and aberrant thoughts do not occur.

In meditation, the conscious mind comes to the simplest form of human awareness, where consciousness is open to itself. This self-referral state of consciousness is the unified field of natural law.

Through the regular practice of Meditation for 15-20 minutes twice daily, the infinite creativity and perfect orderliness of the unified field becomes increasingly lively in daily life. At the same time, meditation gives deep rest and releases stresses that impede the optimal functioning of mind, body, and behavior.

At this level, coincidences occur which are called ‘meaningful coincidences’. In Deepak Chopra’s terminology, this state is called “Acausal Atemporal Non Local Quantum Mechanical Interrelatedness.”

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