No if you listen to Dr. Deepak Chopra who says that you make a new liver every 26 weeks, a new skin every month, a new skeleton every 3 months, a new brain cell every year and a new DNA every six weeks. If you watch the account of every atom in the body, it is replaced in less than 2 year.

Every second, one is renewing one’s body more easily than before. The physical body you have now is not the same you had an hour before. With each act of breathing, you inhale 1.022 atom from the universe.

It is a raw material that comes from everywhere and ends up as renewed cellular structure in the body. Similarly, with each exhale, you breathe out 1.022 atom. You are literally breathing out, pieces of organs and DNA structure.

Therefore, we are intimately sharing our internal structure with each other all the time. You cannot claim exclusively over your body and now the entire physical body you have has millions of atoms that were once in the body of Christ, Mohammad Sahab, Mahatama Gandhi and everyone else, everyone that has ever existed. A part of their raw material is there in your body. In just the last three weeks, quadrillion atoms have gone through your body that have gone through the body of every other person.

You replace your almost entire body once in a year. 98% of all the atoms in your body are replaced in less than 1 year.

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