Heart patients should not take bhang as it can precipitate increase in heart rate and sudden rise in blood pressure.  Those who are socially committed should consult their doctor.

Pre-treatment with propranolol a beta blocker can block the cardiovascular effects of marijuana. It can prevent the learning impairment and, to a lesser degree, the characteristic subjective experience.

Marijuana is known to induce typical subjective state (“high”) with marked increases in HR, BP and conjunctival infection. It impairs performance on a learning test without significantly affecting attention.

Bhang is a traditional Indian beverage made of cannabis mixed with various herbs and spices, which has been popular inIndiafor ages.

Bhang is a less powerful preparation than Ganja, which is prepared from flowering plants for smoking and eating.

Charas, more potent than either Bhang or Ganja, is made from cannabis flower tops harvested at full bloom.

Charas which is thickened with sticky resin is nearly as potent as the concentrated cannabis resin preparations called hashish.

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