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Dr K K Aggarwal

High fat diet prostate cancer prone

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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Diets high in saturated fat increases the risk of prostate cancer.

As per a report from University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston published in the International Journal of Cancer.

1.   Men who consume high saturated animal fat diet are two times more likely to experience disease progression after prostate cancer surgery than men with lower saturated fat intake.

2.   There is also shorter “disease-free” survival time among obese men who eat high saturated fat diet compared with non-obese men consuming diets low in saturated fat.

3.   Men with a high saturated fat intake had the shortest survival time free of prostate cancer (19 months)

4.   Non-obese men with low fat intake survived the longest time free of the disease (46 months).

5.    Non-obese men with high intake and obese men with low intake had “disease-free” survival of 29 and 42 months, respectively.

Take home messages

 1.   High saturated fat diet has been linked to cancer of the prostate

2.   Reducing saturated fat in the diet after prostate cancer surgery can help reduce the cancer progression.

3.     Cancer prostate has the same risk factors as that of heart blockages and both are linked to high saturated fat intake.

4.   With the increase of heart patients a corresponding increase in prostate cancer patients is also seen in the society.

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1.      Depression is a major public health problem as a leading predictor of functional disability and mortality.

2.      Optimal depression treatment improves outcome for most patients.

3.      Most adults with clinical significant depression never see a mental health professional but they often see a primary care physician.

4.      A non-psychiatric physician 50% of times misses the diagnosis of the depression.

5.      All depressed patients must be enquired specifically about suicidal ideations.

6.      Suicidal ideation is a medical emergency

7.      Risk factors for suicide are either psychiatric known disorder, medical illness, prior history of suicidal attempts, family history of attempted suicide.

8.      The demographic reasons include older age, male gender, marital status (widowed or separated)  and living alone.

9.      World over 1 million people commit suicide every year.

10.  79% of patients who commit suicide contact their primary care provider in the last one year before their death and only 1/3 contacts their mental health service provider.

11.  Twice as many suicidal victims had contacted with their primary care provider as against the mental health provider in the last month before suicide.

12.  Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide and account for 1.2% of all deaths.

13.  In US suicidal rate is 10.5 per 100,000 people.

14.  In America suicide is increasing in middle aged adults.

15.  There are 10-40 non-fatal suicide attempts for every one completed suicide.

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Women above 65 to take extra care of their health

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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Women aged 65 and above should take low dose aspirin routinely to prevent heart attack and paralysis..

1.      All women are urged to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes per day, but women who need to lose weight or maintain weight loss are now advised to engage in 60 to 90 minutes of moderate-intensity activity
on most, or preferably all, days of the week.
2.      A heart-healthy diet should be rich in fruits, whole grains and fiber foods with a limited intake of alcohol and sodium.
3.      Saturated fat should be reduced to less than 7 percent of calories.
4.      Women at very high risk for heart disease should try to lower their LDL (“bad”) cholesterol to less than 70 mg/dL.
5.      Women aged 65 and over should consider taking low-dose aspirin on a routine basis, regardless of their risk. Aspirin has been shown to prevent both heart attacks and stroke in this age group.
6.      The upper dose of aspirin for high-risk women is 325 mg per day.
7.      Hormone replacement therapy, selective estrogen receptor modulators nor antioxidant supplements such as vitamins C and E should be used to prevent heart disease.
8.      Folic acid should also not be used to prevent cardiovascular disease.
9.      Women should eat oily fish or some other source of omega-3 fatty acids at least twice a week.
10.     Women should not only quit smoking but should use counseling, nicotine replacement or other forms of smoking cessation therapy.

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An elephant is obese, eats sugarcane (ganna) and yet does not develop diabetes. I am sure if he is given 10% sugar drinks everyday or made to eat 30% sugar containing sweats, he would end up with diabetes.

The natural form of sugarcane is eating ganna, the second form is ganne ka juice, third is gur (jaggery), fourth is shakkar and fifth is white sugar.

The more you eat foods in their natural form, more the health benefits you will get from that food.

Food is Brahmin and contains the same consciousness as you have. The food which is more refined will loses its consciousness and is not beneficial to the health.

Similarly, wheat flour with bran is better than flour without bran, which is better than suji, which is better than maida.  Maida is the final product and if taken every day, it can cause heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.


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Pain Management

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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  • Pain is a common occurrence in day to day life and should be managed well.
  • Remember the word ‘ICE’ which means putting ice pack on the injured painful area, ‘C’ stands for compression and ‘E’ stands for elevation.
  • The mantra, therefore, is to use cold compression and elevation for any injury.
  • Alternate hot and cold packs are used for chronic pain.
  • Painkillers should not be taken without a doctor’s advice.
  • If a painkiller has to be taken, it should one tablet of paracetamol.
  • People who take alcohol should not consume paracetamol without asking their doctor.
  • In patients with kidney disease, even one tablet of painkiller can precipitate kidney failure.
  • In patients with acid peptic disease, one tablet of painkiller can precipitate gastric bleeding.
  • Instead of taking a painkiller, look for alternative methods to relieve pain.
  • Pain relieving ointments are better than oral painkillers.
  • In hospital setting, intravenous and intramuscular injectable painkillers are available.
  • Always tell your doctor that you are taking painkillers.
  • There are effective pain management therapies available in homeopathy and Ayurveda.
  • Always contact your doctor if the pain is uneasy, unexplainable or appears for the first time in life.



Sangat and smoking

Sewa, Simran and Sangat are the three principles of life as per the most Vedic literature. Even Adi Shankracharya described Sangat as the main force for living a spiritual life.

Sangat is the company of people you live with. Living in the company of good people makes one good and the reverse is also true.

The same is now being proved in the allopathic context. A new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that when one person quits smoking, than others are likely to follow. One person quitting can cause a ripple effect, making others more likely to kick the habit.

1. If your spouse stops smoking, you’re 67 percent less likely to continue smoking.

2. If your friend kicks the habit, it’s about 36 percent less likely that you’ll be smoking.

3. When a sibling gives up cigarettes, your risk of smoking decreases by 25 percent.

4. It drops by 34 percent if a co-worker in a small office quits smoking. It’s sort of like watching dominoes. If one falls, it very quickly causes others to fall.

People are not quitting on their own; they’re quitting in droves.

We should treat people in groups, rather than as individuals. Friends and family need to be involved. If you want to quit, try to get close friends and family to quit as well.

Quitting smoking may have the side benefit of improving social well-being, just as it improves physical health.


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God will grow only those fruits and vegetables, which are necessary in that season in that particular location.  For example, during summer, the body requires more liquids and regular flushing of the kidney because of extreme heat so that dehydration does not damage kidney.  To prevent this, nature produces vegetables and fruits in this season that are juicier and increase urination.

All summer fruits like mango, lichi, watermelon, musk melon, wood apple (bel), etc. are juicy fruits. All vegetables grown in summer such as bottle gourd (ghiya), snake gourd (torai), apple gourd (tinda) grow on creepers and they all have a mild diuretic action.

In summer, where the humidity is not so high like in Delhi, one need not take coconut water, which is only required as a treatment of humidity-related diseases.  Therefore, nature grows coconuts only in the coastal  areas.

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Drinking coffee prevents Parkinson’s disease

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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Nicotine present in the tobacco has been used for its medicinal value for quite some time for diseases like Parkinson’s disease and ulcerative colitis. A study from University of Miami School of Medicine, USA, now has shown that people from families prone to Parkinson’s disease are less likely to develop the disease if they drink coffee on a regular basis.

Both coffee and nicotine have a link with dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical that decreases in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

It is possible that people who are going to have Parkinson’s disease have lower levels of dopamine. Those with low levels of dopamine may be more likely to enjoy caffeine.

Parkinson’s disease is caused when brain cells that produce dopamine die. The disease is progressive, affecting about one percent of people older than 65.

Symptoms start out with shaking and can progress to paralysis. There is no cure, although a number of drugs can make symptoms better for a time.

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Anything which cannot be taken as a full meal is not good for health and either should not be taken or
taken in a small amount.

For example, we never eat a breakfast of onion or garlic or radish. These are the items which either should not be taken or eaten only in small quantity only as addition to other full meal.

Onion is good for health and has anti-cholesterol properties and also blood thinning properties, yet it is consumed only in small quantity.  In Vedic language, onion has both rajasik and tamasik promoting properties, which make a person more aggressive and dull.

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