Raksha Bandhan is observed as a bond of protection and celebrates the relationship of brothers and sisters. It is also called Rakhi Purnima. It is said that in the historical time the Rajputs Queens used to send Rakhi threads to the neighboring rulers as a token on brotherhood. The festival grew in popularity after Rani Karnavati, the widow queen of Chittor sent a Rakhi to the Mugal Emperor Humayun when she required his help. It is difficult to digest that Raksha Bandhan started in Mughal Era. It had its presence in the Vedic times which is cleared from the fact that it is not observed on any fixed day but exactly 8 days before the Janmashtami. If it would have been based on the Mugal Era, it would have been observed exactly the same day when Rakhi thread was sent to Humayun. The real fact is that the day and date of Raksha Bandhan changes every year, which means it has same Vedic logic. Lust in today’s language is considered as one of the main cause of any disease and it can be for food, cigarette, alcohol, drugs or sex. In Vedic Era, lust was synonymous with sex lust as cigarette was not there, alcohol was not a drink of kings, refined carbohydrates were not prevalent and drugs were also not prevalent. In Chaturmas which happens in Dakshinayan when the days are shorter than the nights, in Vedic literature, it has been mentioned that Chaturmas is a period when the desires are not fulfilled and there is turmoil of negativity in the mind. That is the reason that most of the mind control exercise, rituals and festivals are observed in the month of Chaturmas. Controlling of sexual lust is one such phase in Chaturmas which needs to be controlled. Raksha Bandhan, Jagannath Yatra and Bhai Dooj, all the three festivals which relate to the sacred relationship of brothers and sisters are observed in these four months only. The protection of a female probably is meant not physical protection but from sexual assault protection. Observance of Raksha Bandhan on Purnima again indicates that compared to Amavasya in Purnima, there is significantly more mental turmoil which needs to be controlled. The time of Rakhi in the hands, just above the wrist, taking acupressure points into considerations coincides with the control of sexual area. Observance of Janmashtami after 8 days of Raksha Bandhan again indicates that control of lust may take upto 8 days, once your mind is purified from the lust, you get in touch with your consciousness and which was the birth of Krishna, indicates the Union with the Consciousness.

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