Om Poornamadah, “Om Poornamadah Poornamidam, Poornaat Poornamudachyate
Poornasya Poornamaadaaya, Poornameva Avasihyate”
The whole is whole; if you take away the whole away from the whole the whole will still remain. (That is infinite, this is infinite, from the infinite, the infinite has come out. Having taken the infinite out of the infinite, the infinite alone remains).
In Vedanta, “That” represents super consciousness, God or the Brahman and “This” signifies the visible universe.
Atmanmakes up our body. It is 99.99% space, and the rest – it is also nothing but space or void. This void or ‘akasha’ is Brahman, God or consciousness and represents a web of energized information. This web of information of inner space called inner consciousness is the Atman or the Soul. This is connected with the outer space in the universe having a similar web of energized information called the Spirit or Brahmand.
This spirit has been given many names – Allah (Islam), Buddha (Buddhism), Brahman (Hinduism), Christ (Christianity) or Wahe Guru (Sikhism). They all signify the same. This spirit, the energized field of information, is a powerful expression of live energy which can move faster than the speed of light. Soul is nothing but an individualized expression of the spirit.
This energy containing information in the spirit cannot be seen, felt, touched, tasted or smelt. It cannot be destroyed with a weapon, fire, water or air. This consciousness is enshrined in the space of all cells of the body. It is like sugar added to the milk. Once added, you cannot find it as it gets mixed with each and every drop of the milk.
Soul originates from the spirit. Each soul differs from the other through subtle layer of consciousness called the ‘sukshma sharira’ which is controlled by actions, memories and desires. Spirit is like light -always positive and removes darkness. The basic nature of the consciousness is “truth and bliss”. The soul and the spirit do not have hatred, anger or jealousy and are full of unconditional love. They are a treasury of information about everything. This infinite information can achieve anything, including miracles. It is like the flame of a candle, which can light an infinite number of candles, and still retain its illumination.
Dr Deepak Chopra once said that the soul is like the voice of Lata Mangeshkar coming out of a radio, and even if you break the radio, you will not find Lata Mangeshkar in it. Similarly, even if you cut the body into pieces, you cannot find the physical presence of the spirit.
Spirit is present all over, be it the universe or the living beings. Any amount of spirit taken out from it will not make any difference to the spirit. In religious terms, the infinite or the vastness is equated and described by the blue color;hence, most of the gods are represented by the blue color, or are shown in the background of blue sky. This signifies the vastness and infinite character of the consciousness.
One of the Gurus explained to his disciple the description of the spirit by the following equation. 1×1=1, 1/1=1 or, in other words everything is one. It can also be explained by the equation that infinity when added, subtracted, multiplied or divided by infinity will result in infinity only.
This infinite potential in our mind is present in between the thoughts and can be experienced by enabling oneself to go in between the thoughts by a process called mediation. One can experience the silent gap between the thoughts either with the use of primordial sound mantra or by way of yoga. People who have learnt meditation and have achieved the ability to go into the silent gaps can accomplish everything in their life using the principles of intention and attention. After any intention is introduced in the silent gap, a new reality can be created.
“That which is born of the flash is a flash; that which is born of the spirit is spirit” (John)
 (Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are my own).