In India we are not taught etiquettes at school level and we end up learning them by mistakes. Here are a few of then I learnt over the period of time

1. One of my patients got upset because I sat in his patient bed with my knee on the bed.
2. One of my senior got upset in a meet, when he saw me coming without a tie.
3. My boss’s brother in law fired me once when he saw my socks were not matching with the cloths.
4. In my first encounter my boss smiled when he saw me seeking a job with khadi cloth bag, wearing a chapel and wearing khadi cloths.
5. When I went to see the girl for my marriage proposal the girl’s side people were upset after seeing my sandal not matching with my cloths.
6. One of my patients got upset when I leaked information about blood pressure reading to his wife.
7. One of my patients walked out of my cabin when he saw me picking a mobile to listen to a call during a consult.
8. One of my patients got upset in OPD when he was not attended by my resident on time. My resident was late as he was awake the whole night for serious patients. The patient said that it was not his concern. He could not be neglected if he was given a time.
9. My senior got upset when I made my wife sit in the front seat and made him sit in the back seat of my car.
10. One of the executive walked out before signing a deal after he found my hand shake not warm enough.
11. I saw a spiritual guru asking a person who had come from a long distance to go because she found his aura was not good.
12.One of the senior IAS officers got upset when unintentionally a protocol was broken and his junior was made to inaugurate an event when he was also present.
13. I can never forget my college days when people used to tease me as baniya.
14. I can never forgive person who to defame someone put false allegations linked to financial irregularities or character assassination.
15.     I got upset with a patient when he called me at 2 am for a regular appointment, He that all doctors sleep not before 2 am.