Samani Rohit Pragya Asst.professor of the Dept.of Jainology and Comparative Religion Jain Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun

“Inner purity leads to the outer purity and the inner impurity leads to outer impurity or disorder. The purity of the emotions, chitta (psyche), and the mind are important factors to have good health and happiness and the impurity of emotions, chitta and the mind are an open invitation to illness and misery. ”

Health and happiness have close connection with emotions. Illness first enters in the world of emotions and then manifest at mental and physical level. Diseases are caused by negative emotions like anger, ego, deceit, greed, fear, hatred etc. Emotional well being results in mental as well as physical well being. Contrarily, any disturbance in the emotional system results in both mental as well as physical illness. Three types of diseases are mentioned in Jain literature. They are Vyadhi (physical), aadhi (mental) and Upaadhi (emotional). In arogya,îthe same way it also mentions three types of health called –   (physical) bodhi (mental) and Samadhi (emotional and spiritual). Leaving aside upadhi if we think only about vyadhi and aadhi, the problem would not be solved because in the presence of upadhi, one cannot experience real health and happiness. Hence, to lead a happy and healthy life, it is essential to refine the emotional world. Transformation of negative emotions in to positive ones through the practice of contemplation helps a person to be free from emotional illness as well as misery and consequently provide health and happiness.