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Dr K K Aggarwal

1.     The National Institutes of Health Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) classifies Reiki as a biofield modality “that involves touch or placement of the hands in or through a biofield, the existence of which has not been scientifically proven” [1].

2.      Reiki is often classified as a form of energy healing;

3.     It is becoming more commonplace in the context of cancer treatment, palliative care, and hospice.

4.      In the only randomized trial to address the benefit of Reiki for cancer pain, 24 patients with cancer pain received either standard opioid therapy plus rest or opioid therapy plus two Reiki treatments one hour after their first afternoon analgesic dose [2]. Reiki plus opioids significantly reduced pain immediately after treatment compared to pretreatment baseline, but the use of reiki did not significantly reduce opioid use.

5.     Reiki can reduce stress and induce a relaxation response.

6.     A study of 30 HIV patients suffering from an array of disease-related symptoms who were trained to practice first degree Reiki healing reported reductions in pain and anxiety [3].

7.      Therapeutic touch is defined as an “intentionally directed process of energy modulation during which the practitioner uses the hands as a focus to facilitate healing” [4].

8.     A single randomized trial evaluating therapeutic massage also assessed healing touch as an intervention for symptom control in patients with cancer [5].

9.       Currently the biofield therapies should be understood as non-evidence-based, possibly yielding positive responses from non-specific relaxation responses or placebo effects.


1.     National Institutes of Health Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) (Accessed on February 21, 2012).

2.     Olson K, Hanson J, Michaud M. A phase II trial of Reiki for the management of pain in advanced cancer patients. J Pain Symptom Manage 2003; 26:990.

3.     Miles P. Preliminary report on the use of Reiki HIV-related pain and anxiety. Altern Ther Health Med 2003; 9:36.

4.     Mulloney SS, Wells-Federman C. Therapeutic touch: a healing modality. J Cardiovasc Nurs 1996; 10:27.

5.     Post-White J, Kinney ME, Savik K, et al. Therapeutic massage and healing touch improve symptoms in cancer. Integr Cancer Ther 2003; 2:332.

Take Care Of Your Feet In The Monsoons

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Going barefoot in monsoon can be risky. People who take off their shoes and socks may suffer injuries such as cuts and puncture wounds. There may be sharp objects under the water that cause injury. In some cases, these injuries develop infections that may require surgery.

Safety tips

•       Get vaccinated against tetanus. Teenagers and adults should get booster shots every 10 years.
•       Wear sandals while walking in rains or around swimming pools. They’ll help protect against cuts and abrasions and prevent contact with viruses and bacteria that can cause athlete’s foot, plantar warts and other foot problems.
•       Many worm infestations may occur through the infected water.
•       Fungal infections of the foot are very common.
•       Diabetics should never be barefoot, even indoors, because they may not “feel” a foot injury.
•       If you suffer a puncture wound in the foot, see a doctor within 24 hours. A puncture wound must be cleaned properly and monitored throughout the healing process to avoid complications such as tissue and bone infections or damage to tendons or muscles in the foot.
•      Regularly inspect your feet for signs of skin problems such as warts, calluses, ingrown toenails, suspicious moles, spots or freckles. The sooner they are detected, the easier they are to treat.
•       Keep your feet dry always.


Stress is the reaction of the body or the mind to the interpretation of a known situation. Stress management, therefore, involves either changing the situation, changing the interpretation or taming the body the yogic way in such a way that stress does not affect the body.

Every situation has two sides. Change of interpretation means looking at the other side of the situation. It is something like half glass of water, which can be interpreted as half empty or half full.

Studies have shown that anger, hostility and aggression are the new risk factors for heart disease. It has been shown that even recall of anger can precipitate a heart attack.

Many studies have shown that in front of unconscious patients in ICU when doctors talk positive their outcome is better than those in whose presence if doctors talk negative.

The best way to practice spiritual medicine is to experience silence in the thoughts, speech and action. Simply walking in the nature with silence in the mind and experiencing the sounds of nature can be as effective as 20 minutes of meditation. He said that 20 minutes of meditation provides the same physiological parameters as that of seven hours of deep sleep.

Inspirational Quote

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10% of conflicts are due to difference in opinions and 90% are due to wrong tones in our communication.

Do Not Use 2 Pin Electrical Appliances: They Can Be Dangerous

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It’s the rainy season now and with the continuing use of electrical equipments, deaths due to electrocution are quite common. About 3 to 5 persons die due to electric shock everyday in any major city during the monsoon season. Most deaths due to electric shock could be attributed to lack of awareness regarding the basic principles of electrical systems and carelessness while handling electrical equipment.

The public not only needs to be aware of the safety principles but they also should know also the inherent dangers of handling electrical equipment, along with preventive measures to reduce mishaps and methods to revive a person who has suffered an electric shock. Like fire, electricity is a good servant but a bad master. If used properly it is a boon in every day’s life and if manhandled can cause death. The most important education required is regarding the proper use of earthing. Earthing is a thick wire attached to the top hole of a 3–pin electrical socket. Earthing leads are, by international convention, kept green so that there should be no difficulty in identifying it and pointing it out.

People need to be familiarized with the colors used on the insulation; green is for earthing, black for neutral and red for live wire. Normal electricity is generated when the live wire is connected to the neutral wire. Earth wire is a safety mechanism to remove leakage of the electrical current. Connecting live with earth wire will also give the electrical current but not when the earth wire is connected to the neutral wire.

Earthing is a safety outlet, which allows leaking electricity to be conducted away harmlessly and not through the body. It should be checked every 6 months because it deteriorates with time and weather, particularly during the rainy season. A check can be carried out using an ordinary tester on the body of the appliance.

A tester or a test lamp can easily check that earthing is proper. One can light a bulb with live and earth wire. If the bulb fails to light while connecting live and earth socket, this indicates a defective earthing. People tend to take earthing lightly and often misuse it.

Live and earth wires are sometimes untied together for temporary connection, which can be dangerous to life.

Following are some Dos and Don’ts which people should take note of to prevent electrical hazards:

• Make sure that you have proper earthing connection in the house.
• Always remember the green wire. Do not use any electrical appliances without it, especially if it is touching any water surface. Water enhances conductivity; extra precautions therefore should be taken, while handling appliances, under wet conditions.
•  2–pin plugs with no earthing arrangements should not be used and in fact should be banned.
• While using 3–pin plugs, make sure that all 3 wires are connected and the pins are not defective.
• Do not use matchsticks to hold wires in the socket.
• Do not touch any wire without ensuring that power supply is switched off.
•  Do not use the earth wire to replace the neutral wire.
•  All joint wires should be properly insulated with proper insulated tapes and not with sello tape or Band–Aids.
• Before using geyser water, it should be switched off.
•  Do not use heater plates with exposed wire for cooking purpose.
• Use dry rubber slippers at home.
• Use mini circuit breaker (MCB) and earth leak circuit breaker (ELCB) facilities at home.
• Metallic electrical appliance should not be kept near a water tap.
• Using rubber mats and desert coolers by using rubber leggings in the stand can insulate electrical appliance.
•  Use only recommended resistance wires and fuses.
•  Earthing should be checked every 6 months.
•  Any ordinary tester can check the presence of leaking electricity.
•  Wrap cloth around the handle of the refrigerator
•  Read the set of instructions attached with every electrical appliance.

Accidental electric deaths occur more often in India due to the use of 220 V as compared to those that occur in the US, where 110V is used. AC current is more dangerous than DC. An AC current of more than 10 MA causes tetanic muscular contractions making it impossible for a hand grasping an energized object, to free itself.

In case of electrocution, proper resuscitation is necessary. The mains should be switched off or wires disconnected using a wooden material and cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be started immediately. In a clinically dead patient, a thump in the center of the chest from a distance of one foot may alone revive a person.

In severe electrocution, clinical deaths occur within 4 to 5 min, therefore time to act is limited. Do not wait for the victim to be taken to the hospital. Act there and then.

Hundreds of Muslim women and children flocked to hospitals late on Eid eve after rumours spread that two women had died after applying mehendi on their hands and a girl had lost her limbs. It was a text message that went viral on Monday night

Rumors are based on 100th Monkey Phenomenon. The success of a vitral message is based on the principle of collective consciousness. It is nothing but the critical mass above, which the generated message spreads like fire. It has been scientifically observed and proved that rumors spread like wild fire once the critical mass of 1% in the general population is achieved. Advertisements in newsprints and in electronic media also work on the same principle. In campaigning, if 1% of your voters feel that you should win, the chances are that you will win.

This observation is based on famous 100th-monkey phenomenon. “Long time back there was a monkey called EMO in a far off village in Japan. Monkeys at that time used to eat apples lying in the gardens full of dust. One day EMO by mistake washed the apple in the pond before eating. Why from next time onwards he washed every apple he ate. From one monkey the message went to the second monkey and then to the third and so on. Many monkeys started washing apples before eating. After sometime some neighbouring monkeys from other villages also started washing apples before eating. The day 100th monkey washed the apple and ate, a strange phenomenon was observed all over the country. Monkeys all over the country started washing apples before eating. The critical mass in that area therefore was 100. Once the critical mass was achieved, the information spread like wild fire to each and every monkey and everybody started washing apples before eating.”

In campaigning also the politicians make use of this principle and make sure that the critical mass is achieved to start with. In local political meetings also, the same principle of 1% critical mass is used. For a gathering of 1000 people, politicians make sure that they have minimum 10 of their own people are sitting in the audience to initiate clapping. When 10 people clap, the rest 990 will also follow and clap. Similarly, for a gathering of 2000 they will need 20 people and for 10,000 they will need 100 people.

Rumours are also used as one of the main weapon in political campaigning. They also work on the same principle of 1% or critical mass. You can plant your people in other’s political meetings and start spreading rumors or hood their meeting. The only precaution that you should take is to cross1% of the number.

When you want to pass on a message to the audience, it has to be flashed for atleast 10 seconds. The mind cannot remember what it had seen or heard for less than 10 seconds. The politicians will highlight what they want to say and pass on hurriedly what they do not want the people to remember.

The other aspect of campaigning is what happens if you lose or win an election.

If you lose, you are likely to go into depression for 3 months but invariably you cover up as politicians never fight only to win and even a lost candidate has a lot to gain in the long run.

On the other hand, a lot of physical and biochemical changes are seen in the person who win. The power of chair (kursi ka nasha) is tremendous. It boosts the levels of serotonin in the blood. The person starts performing better, sleeps less during the night and produces results which he may have never produced in the past. The classical example is our former Prime Minister, Sh. Narasimha Rao who on medical grounds was unfit to even fight an election but once he became the Prime Minister, his medical condition took a U-turn.

Many more such examples are there in our political scenario. The scientific principle behind this is that the feeling of being powerful changes the chemistry in the brain and in the blood and keeps the serotonin levels higher than in the normal. Normally there is a balance between serotonin and melatonin levels. Serotonin increases in the daytime and melatonin at the nighttime. While serotonin causes aggression, aggressiveness and produces vigor, melatonin is responsible for the sleep and resting state of the body.

It is a well-known observation that when politicians give a speech in the TV studio the response is not as aggressive as when they give a speech in front of a gathering of 20,000 people. With the public’s cheers, their speech becomes aggressive and often impressive.

Another example seen is with Indian cricketers. In front of Indian crowd, their performance is different compared to when they play in other countries with a very few spectators that too from that country.

The campaign in politics also may vary from positive to negative one. In positive approach, you project what you want to do while in the negative approach you project about the deficiencies of your competitor only. In the long run a person with positive approach will always win. People who have a negative approach may ultimately develop high blood pressure, diabetes, acidity or suffer from heart attack, paralysis and cancer. Negative emotions produce negative chemistry, responsible for deposition of fat in various arteries and causation of cancer.

Importance of prayer

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The child asked GOD? Why should I prey when I know that my destiny has already being written

God Replied: Because ay many places in your destiny I have written “as you wish”

Monsoon Fever Can Be Deceptive

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In the current season any episode of fever should not be taken lightly as many diseases can cause fever, the commonest being viral, malaria, dengue or Chikungunya. However, fever can also be due to viral jaundice or typhoid.

Following tips were released for the benefit of the public:

  • Unless you suspect typhoid, no antibiotics are required.
  • Viral fever will have cough, redness of the eyes or nasal discharge.
  • Dengue will have fever with rash and pain in eye movement.
  • Chikungunya is a triad of fever, rash and joint pain. Typically the joint pain will increase on compression of the wrist joint.
  • Typically, the fever in malaria comes with chills and rigors and will have normal phase in between two episodes of fever.
  • Fever in jaundice disappears once the jaundice starts.
  • Typhoid fever is often continuous with relatively low pulse rate and with toxic feeling.


  • No antibiotics are required unless there is a feeling of toxemia.
  • Antibiotics in sore throat are only required if associated with pain in the throat while swallowing food or red angry-looking tonsils.
  • Except for paracetamol or nimesulide, other anti fever medicines should not be used indiscriminately as they can reduce platelet count.
  • Most diseases are self-limiting and take 4 to 7 days to resolve.
  • The basic precaution involves proper hydration, especially on the days when fever is subsiding.

Warning signals

Any fever with associated comorbid conditions should not be ignored and consultation should be taken from the doctors.


1. Sikhism is not a missionary religion: Sikhism believes in the truth and the truth will always prevail and Sikhism is the truth. Therefore there has never been and will never be Sikh missionaries actively pursuing conversions. Yet Sikhism still flourishes.

 2. Sikhism is a religion of equality: Sikhism stresses “universal equality” amongst all human beings. In Sikhism, everyone, (men, women all castes, religions and colours) are able to carry out prayer rights. Every single person can be one with god if they so wish. This is for both males and females. No sexism is in the scripture. Sikhism is the only religion or society to believe this. Since god created us all, god is everyone, therefore to love god you have to love ALL of his creations.

3. Sikhism is a modern way of life, it doesn’t subject people to rituals or idol worship : Sikhism is not about rituals or laws, sikhism is solely about remembering god.

4. Sikhism is a religion of worship of One God.

God himself spoke to Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism on the “Day of Revelation”, when Guru Nanak Dev was called to God’s home and given his directives to preach to this world.

God spoke the following verse on this most blessed day to Guru Nanak Dev and the entire world. Known as the Mul Mantra. The very first verse written in the Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh scripture) and found at many other places before other hymns in the Guru Granth Sahib.

Ik Onkar (God is One)
Sat Nam ( His name is True)
Kartaa Purakh (He is the Creator)
Nirbhau (He is without fear)
Nirvair (He is inimical to none)
Akal-murat (He never dies)
Ajooni (He is beyond births and deaths)
Saibhang ( He is self illuminated)
Gurprasaad (He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru)
Jap (Repeat His Name)

And in God’s court Guru Nanak spoke the following, which God accepted and condoned, and comes right after “Jap”.

Aad sach (He is True in the beginning, (before anything (universe) existed)
Jugaad sach (He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True)
Hai bhi sach (He is also True now)
Nanak hosi bhi sach. (Satguru) Nanak (says that) he will be certainly True in the future.

Contemplating this alone will answer all questions.

 5. Sikhism answers all questions: Any questions you may have, Sikhism has the answer. If you have not studied the Sikh scriptures yourself, you can go to the gurdwara at any time, ask God a question and you will get your answer through the Sikh scriptures. If you are new to Sikhism you can ask someone who has studied the sikh scriptures to do this for you.

 6. Sikhism is not a religion, it is a way of life. Guru Nanak stated that ‘there is no Muslim and there is no Hindu’. My interpretation of this is that when we die God is not going to care what religion we are from, rather if we have remembered our creator God and how we have lived our lives. Sikhism stresses that God judges all people as to their actions in this world. Therefore Sikhism is not a religion but is a path in life. Find out more about this path!

 7. Science backs up Sikhism: Sikhism talks about planets, galaxies & universes. It also talks about reproduction through the human sperm and egg cell. (Shri Jap ji Sahib). This was 100’s of years before science made these discoveries. Science does not contradict anything in the Sikh scriptures, this is unique to Sikhism. There is endless knowledge in the Sikh scriptures yet to be discovered by science!

8. Sikhism offers you eternal happiness: Happiness (bliss) cannot be bought with riches and material things. Happiness is a state of mind. Bliss is the state of being one with our mind, soul, and heart. One can find it by being able to control (cleansing) the mind, which Sikhism teaches you to do, with God’s Naam (Name). Only then will one achieve true lasting happiness (bliss) within oneself.

9. Sikhism is a religion that builds character: It tells its followers to be “hard workers” to earn their daily bread. To share this with others, as well as to remember the Lord in their heart. Hence within Sikhism, there is compassion towards all of humanity, a fact of social reform.

10. Sikhism is the only religion that allows all people, of any caste, colour, creed, religion to come to any of their holy places, without restriction, and be given equal respect in all matters.

Everyone is allowed in Gurdwaras. Everyone is allowed to have food from the communal kitchens. Everyone is allowed to partake in singing of hymns. Everyone is allowed to read the Sikh scriptures and everyone is allowed to speak about Sikhism openly.

 11. Sikhism allows one to follow the path to enlightenment, at their own pace: This enlightenment comes with their own understanding and awareness of the message in the Guru Granth Sahib, and how much effort they have given to incorporate it in their lives. Sikhism allows people to interpret the Guru Granth Sahib for themselves (unlike other religions) and with increasing awareness and understanding, the person will gain greater/deeper understanding of the “divine” words of the Gurus, who were in direct communication with God and wrote what God told them in the Guru Granth Sahib.

12. Sikhism is the only religion where the Scripture is written by the Prophet of the religion who was in divine communication with God, out of all the other worldly religions whose scriptures were written later by people.

 13. Sikhism is for all of humanity. Sikhism is truly a religion that has broken down barriers between religions, to show the world that, “anyone” can reach God by immersing himself or herself in His love. That is why Hindu and Muslim saints’ divine hymns from God are also recorded in Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

This goes to show Sikhism is a religion for all of humanity, men and women, be they of any caste, creed or colour and be they born to any religion in the world. Sikhism is for all of humanity; let us not forget the entire universe. {Source: Dr Jagjit Singh)

Mini spiritual blogs

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Define birthday: Abdul Kalam Replied: the only day when you mother smiled when you cried

Avoiding Jet Leg

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1. The cause of jet lag is desynchronization between various body rhythms and environmental rhythms.

2. The sleep/activity cycle is particularly affected, which leads to changes in physical and mental functioning.

3. The majority of air travelers crossing five or more time zones experience jet lag.

4. The fewer time zones crossed, the smaller the proportion of people affected and the milder the symptoms.

5. Westbound travel generally causes less disruption, as it is easier to lengthen than to shorten the natural circadian cycle.

6. Readjustment and resynchronization occur at a rate of about one hour per day when traveling eastward and 1.5 hours per day while traveling westward.

7. Jet lag is not same as travel fatigue.

8. Symptoms of travel fatigue (weariness, possible headache) are relieved by a good night’s sleep.

9. Symptoms of jet lag usually take several days to subside, roughly equal to two-thirds of the number of time zones crossed.

10.Travelers should use activities (eating, exercise, sightseeing) and exposure to light to try to synchronize their body rhythms with those of the new environment.

11. Adult travelers crossing five or more time zones are likely to benefit from melatonin.

12. Travelers crossing two to four time zones may also try melatonin.

13.Melatonin 2 mg or 3 mg should be taken about 30 minutes before bedtime on the day of travel when traveling eastward.

14.All adult travelers should take melatonin 30 minutes before local bedtime for up to four days after arrival.

1. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

2. Knowledge proceeds from the known to the unknown. This is the basic law of learning.

3. Yesterday’s miracles are today’s science and today’s miracles will be tomorrow’s science.

4. Reality: Objects continue to exist whether or not we think about them.

5.  You sow an action and reap a habit. You sow a habit and reap a character. You sow a character and reap your culture. You sow your culture and reap your destiny.

6. As the experiences, so is the life.

7. You are what you are because of the in-dwelling personality determined by the nature of your mind and the intellect.

8. Change or perish is the law of nature.

9.  The world is cruel only to be kind.

10. Ignorance manifests in three different stages. Lack of information, lack of understanding and lack of experience

11.The law of life proclaims that none can remain, even for a moment, without performing activity.  Even the maintenance of your body will be impaired by inaction.

12. Desires are like bacteria.

13. Fear and love are the only two true emotions of the nature

14. Love is the law.

15. Everybody is born with a unique talent. Search for it and respect it.

16. The universe is the macrocosm, man is the microcosm. There’s an ancient saying in the wisdom tradition of Ayurveda:

“As is the atom, so is the universe.

As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm.

As is the human body, so is the cosmic body.

As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind.”


Non O Blood Group A Risk Factor Heart Attack

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If you have a blood group other than O you may be at risk of heart disease.

Two prospective cohort studies have shown non O blood groups as risk factors for future heart disease. People with blood groups A, B, or AB were 5% to 23% more likely to develop heart blockages than those with O blood type. The study by Harvard Dr Meian He included 62 073 women from the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS) and 27 428 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS) and is published in the September 2012 issue of Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.

In the NHS and HPFS, the incident rates of heart blockages per 100 000 person-years were 125, 128, 142, and 161 for women with type O, A, B, and AB, respectively, and 373, 382, 387, and 524 for men with type O, A, B, and AB, respectively. Compared with individuals with O blood type, individuals with blood group A, B, or AB had a respective 5%, 11%, and 23% increased risk of developing heart blockages in an age-adjusted model.

In non-O individuals, plasma levels of factor VIII-von Willebrand factor (vWF) are 25% higher than in individuals with type O blood type. Elevated levels of factor VIII-vWF have been previously identified as a risk factor for coronary heart disease. The vWF has an important role in clot formation by mediating platelet adhesion to the vascular wall, especially under high shear stress conditions.

Spiritual Significance Of Adhik Mass (Purshottam Mass, Malmass)

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1. One solar calendar comprises of 365 days and 6 hours. One lunar calendar comprises of 354 days and 9 hours (difference of 11 days)

2. Adhikmas (Vishnu pooja Month) is created in order to synchronize the solar calendar with the lunar calendar.

3. The duration between one Adhikmas to another Adhikmas is from 28 to 36 months (32.5 months). So Adhikmas arrives every 3 years. The months every year are different. It does not happen between Kartik and Magh.

4. In 2012 Adhikmas is from Saturday 18th August to Sunday, 16th September in the midnight.

5. A lunar month (Hindu) is on average 29.5 days period and the solar month, is 30 or 31 days.

6.The Adhik Maas is added when the Amvasya and the Surya Sankranti coincide (absence of Surya Sankranti).

7. It starts with Amavasya and ends with Amavasya.

8. It’s an extra month so Diwali will come late in that year.

9. It’s a month to be devoted to donations and charities.

10. It’s also additional month for additional sun bath, spiritual fasts and Satwik intake.

11.The period is used for detoxification of the self and hence no good work (marriages, mundan, bringing home a new bride, yagyopaveet) is done in this period.

12. One can equate this period is period of self introspection and to complete all our pending work, detoxify the body if not done in the last three years, get additional sunlight to cover vitamin D3 deficiency and fulfill and complete our CSR commitment by donating charities during this period.

Shedding Weight Improves the Relaxation Functions of the Heart

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Shedding extra weight improves the functions of the heart regardless of whether the weight loss comes from eating less or exercising more.

Moderate weight loss, around 10% of the weight, can restore heart’s elasticity — making it easier for the heart to relax between contractions and refill with blood.

With age, the body tissue accumulates collagen fibers, which cause heart muscle and arteries to become stiffer. So over time, the heart starts to take a bit longer to relax between contractions and fill back with blood. Excess weight and obesity, in particular, add to this misery by causing further worsening of the relaxing functions of the heart.

The weight can be reduced by diet alone, exercise alone or both. The end result is improvement in the heart functions so long as one loses weight.