People who lack self-confidence and self-esteem face recurrent episodes of depression. They suffer from inferiority complex, as all the time they compare themselves with others.

It’s a common saying that “everyone likes someone else’s wife, money and their own buddhi or intelligence”.

An organization is good or bad is decided by its people. If the people are good, the organization is good and if the people are bad, the organization is bad. An organization without people is only a building made up of bricks.

Imagine a situation where two students of a school are asked “how is your school”. The first student answers: “My school is the best” and the second one says: “My school is not the best”. The teacher’s reply to both the students is the same: “It has to be because students like you are there in this school. It’s you who will make the school best or not the best.”

Whichever organization you work for, it has to be the best, because you are working there and because you are the best. If it was not the best, you would not have been there. The mantra of success lies in the self affirmation of “I am the best.”

Everybody is born with a hidden talent. One should only look for positive things in oneself and others. One should never compare oneself with others, as one does not know how many bad things they might be harboring in them.

You have to be the best as God selected you as a human being. Remember, a human being is born passing through 84 lakhs of different kinds of living species.

The Eastern scripture explains that in this world, there are approximately 84 lakh species of living beings which include 3 million species of plant life; 2 million 7,00,000 species of insects; 1 million 4,00,000 kinds of birds; 9,00,000 kinds of water animals and 4,00,000 kinds of land animals, including men.

One, therefore, should not only look at oneself through the eyes of flesh but also through the eyes of mind and soul. One should not only analyze one’s physical profile but also the ego and soul profile.

External beauty is important but is incomplete without the beauty of the mind and of the soul. Ashtawakra Gita was a dialogue between the sage Ashtawakra and Raja Janaka. Ashtawakra was a person with eight curves in the physical body. But his soul profile was unmatchable.