White rice is more dangerous in terms of glycemic index in comparison with white bread. It has glycemic index of 102.

People are often advised not to take cola drinks but they keep eating white bread. The glycemic index for white bread is 100% and that for cola drink is 90%. Traditional Indian drinks like Rooh Afza, Khas, etc., may also contain more than 10% sugar.

The recommended sugary drink does not contain more than 2-3% sugar, the same amount that is present in oral rehydration solution. People leave a cola drink and take mashed potato, which again has glycemic index more than that of a cola drink (102 versus 90).

Pizza has a glycemic index of 86, table sugar of 84, while that of jam is 95. French fries have a glycemic index of 95.

Most people add sugar in food and snacks as sugar is a preservative. Lesser the sugar, earlier the food will be spoiled.

To avoid refined carbohydrates in diet, if you are required to choose, the most dangerous is white rice, followed by white bread and then white sugar.