As we cross the age of 40, most of us develop minimal cognitive impairment and a memory loss of very recent events or objects. This is age-related and should not be considered as dementia.

This can also be seen in patients who are vegetarians and have vitamin B12 deficiency. People often experience difficulty in naming objects and remember names of the people.

Just as a computer hangs when multi-tasking, so can the human mind. While handling multiple projects at the same time, one may experience thought blocks, which is natural. It is not a sign of a disease.

When we introduce ourselves to a new person, we often tell them our name first. It is possible by the time you finish your conversation, the person may forget your name. Therefore, one should either introduce himself at the end of the conversation or introduce oneself both times, i.e., at the start and at the end of the conversation.

Some people introduce themselves before the conversation and hand over their visiting card at the end of a conversation. This is also taught in how to market yourself.

As a medical doctor, quite often we face these difficulties. Unless full information is given to us by patient on phone, mistakes may occur, especially, if it is a phone consultation.