If Lord Krishna was the first counselor who taught the principles of counseling, Lord Ganesha taught us the principles of stress management.

We should worship Lord Ganesha and become like him in the face of any difficulty or are stressed out.

The elephant head of Lord Ganesha signifies that in the face of a difficulty, we must use our wisdom, intelligence and think differently. We can think of it as the Third Eye of Lord Shiva. Elephant is considered the most intelligent animal. Wisdom, here, signifies thinking before speaking. Lord Buddha also said that we must not speak unless it is necessary and is truthful and kind.

The big elephant ears of Lord Ganesha signify that we must listen to everybody when in difficulty. Elephant’s ears can hear long distances. Elephant’s eye can see a long distance.In mythological terms, it symbolizes that we must acquire the quality of foreseeing when in difficulty. The mouth of Lord Ganesha represents speaking less (and listening more).

The huge tummy of Lord Ganesha symbolizes digesting all information gathered by listening to people in difficulty. The trunk is a symbol of using the power of discrimination to decide from the retained information. It is also a symbol of doing both small and big things by yourself. The elephant’s trunk is capable of picking up a needle as well as a tree.

The teeth, broken and unbroken, signify that we must be in a state of balance, both in loss and in gain. One should not get upset if a task is not accomplished and also not get excited if the task is accomplished. Ganesha also teaches us that we must not lose strength and control our attachments, desires and greed.

The four arms of Lord Ganesha are a symbol of strength. Ropes in two hands symbolize attachment; Laddoo or Sweet in one hand symbolizes desires while the mouse represents greed. Riding over the mouse signifies controlling one’s greed.

Lord Ganesha is worshipped when we are about to start a new work or when we are finding it difficult to complete a task. In both the situations, these principles of Lord Ganesha need to be inculcated in one’s habits.