Government policy should change from replacement donor to 100% voluntary donor. Under replacement blood donor system a patient requiring multiple transfusions or patients who are from out station may find it difficult to get replacement donors.

No blood donation is 100% safe. Diseases can still be in the window period and get transmitted even if the blood tests are negative. Sophisticated blood tests detecting antigens of the organisms are not done in the country, either the tests are costly or not available in blood banks. They are also not mandatory under the national policy. Donating blood reduces the chances of heart attack. People who regularly donate blood are healthier than people to have never donated blood. One should every year donate blood either on their birthday or on the Blood Donor’s Day.

Blood is the precious gift which one can give to somebody unknown. It is possible that one unit of donated blood can save multiple lives.

More than 70,000 units of blood are required in Delhi every month. More camps should be organized by non medical associations so that the shortage of blood can be taken care of.