Islam is based on the teachings of Paighambar Mohammad. Muslims believe in only one God ‘Allah’ who is most powerful. As in Christianity, after death, the soul is judged by Allah and remains
either in heaven or hell.

Muslims believe in message from Quran, prayers, rituals and fasting. As per Islam, suffering is caused because of alienation from the will of Allah and resolved by total surrender to His will, as embodied in

Muslims believe in 5 pillars of Islam and they are testimony of faith, ritual prayers several times daily, obligatory giving, fasting and pilferage to Mecca, designated as the holy city of Islam by Mohammed

Even when a patient is ill, he is still required to perform five times daily prayers by bowing as much as his condition allows. When he gets too ill for physical exercise, he is expected to perform prayer in the
best position allowed by his condition.

For Muslims, Mosque is the place for worship, meditation and learning. Mosque is also a place for Muslims to share a sense of community with their fellow Muslims. Muslims do not eat pork and do not consume alcohol. Muslims are also required to wash specific parts of the body before every prayer.
In Islam creation, death and resurrection are linked. Life is viewed as time of preparation for the soul to pass into life after death.

The relatives of Muslims who are dying usually want to lie towards Mecca, if the direction is not known, then the head is to be turned round. Dying patient’s family members pray and read verses from Quran and encourage the patient to repeat the statement for their faith. In Islam, body is not considered dead until it has become cold.

At the time of death, eyelids are closed and jaw is closed. Within 24 hours of the death, body is required to be ritually washed, anointed, prayed over and buried. The body is buried in such a manner that the
head is directed towards the city of Mecca.

Physician assisted suicide is prohibited in Islam. Muslims believe that assisting in burial service as a meritorious act whether or not the deceased person is known. Many services may be held
at same time at different places which are considered spiritually beneficial for the dead and the people who participate in the services.
Islam does not permit to cause hurt to patient with equipment. In Islam, burial should take place within 24 hours of death.