If you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes, it may be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Some popular myths about diabetes.

• Diabetes is not contagious and one cannot get diabetes from someone else.
• Diabetics can eat desserts, but with caution. While eating too many sugary foods is a bad idea, one can have an occasional dessert, especially if one exercises and otherwise eats healthy.
• Eating too much sugar cannot “cause” diabetes. The disease stems from genetic and lifestyle factors. But consuming too much white sugar can cause insulin resistance and future diabetes. The healthy sugar is brown sugar or jaggery.
• Diabetics aren’t more susceptible to colds and other illnesses but may have more complications of flu.
•  Taking insulin doesn’t cause hardening of the arteries or high blood pressure.
•  Fruit, while healthy, can’t be consumed in huge amounts, since it contains carbohydrates