To be in harmony with the body (five elements represented by Draupadi) one must acquire five qualities or in other terms living a focused life, full of strength and not getting disturbed with loss or gain and finally working for the welfare of the society without having any partiality towards anyone.
1. Balanced mind : Yudhishter (“sthir’ or balanced in “ yudh or disturbed state of mind)
2. Focused vision ( Arjuna)
3. Using internal power or strength ( Bhima)
4. Not being partial or remaining neutral (Nakul).
5. Working for the welfare of the society ( Sahdev)

With this one can kill hundred negative qualities a person can have (hundred kauravs). The hundred negative qualities are acquired because of cunningness (shakuni), not working with the eyes of the soul (Dhritarashtra) and keeping a blind eye to any wrong happening (Gandhari).
The main negative qualities are taking decisions in day to day life situations (Duryodhana: dusht in yudha or war) and choosing wrong choices as a ruler (dusshasana: dusht and shasan).
The positive qualities once acquired will also win over other negative qualities like blind faith or undue attachments (bhishma pitamaha); unrighteous loyalty (dronacharya) and unrighteous ego ( Karna) .