There were no judges in mythological era. The role of judges was performed either by Rishi Munis or by the kings. We have heard lot of examples of curses (shraps) being given by Rishi Munis. In all probability, these were the sentences uttered by them to the guilty or the culprit person. Following are a few examples.

  • The curse (shrap) of Bhasama can be equated to today’s ‘death sentence’ by electrocution.
  • Rishi Gautam giving a Shrap to Lord Indra and made him impotent for some time can be equated to chemical castration. He was later relieved by Lord Ganesha, which can be equated to acquittal from the higher court.
  • Rishi Gautam giving a Shrap to Ahilya of becoming a ‘stone’ can be equated to imprisonment for a number of years in isolation where movements are not possible (solitary confinement). Lord Rama relieving her from imprisonment (converting back to a woman) may mean a Presidential pardon and reducing the imprisonment time.

There are several similar cases of curses (shraps) in mythology that can be equated to today’s judicial system. If you have any, please forward the same to me.