The Arrival at the Groom’s House, and the Bou Bhat Ceremony
On arrival at the groom’s house, women pour water on the ground under the vehicle in which they have traveled and the couple then exits the vehicle.

In some houses, the women wash the feet of the bride with milk and flour before offering sweets and sherbet to the couple. In others, the bride steps into the milk and flour and imprints her soles on the mixture. The bride is then led by the women in the house.

The elders present bless the couple. Ornaments and saris are presented to the bride. She and her groom sit on a wooden plank and the Bou Bhat ceremony begins.

Women blow conch shells, ring bells, and take up wailing. The bride does not eat any food in her in-laws house. That night, the bride wears a new sari. The bedroom is tastefully decorated with flowers. The flowers and clothes come from the bride’s house along with the sweets.

Griha Pravesh
In this ceremony, bride is greeted by the mother-in-law by aarti and tilak. The bride enters the house by kicking the rice filled pot. She generally enters the using the right foot as her first step is deemed auspicious. According to the Shastras, she is regarded as Goddess Lakshmi.

Dwar Roka
Dwar roka is an important ceremony and is performed when the newlywed bride reaches the groom’s house. When she reaches her in-laws’ place, she is stopped from entering by the groom’s sister. She can enter the house only after giving some gift/money to the groom’s sister. The ceremony indicates the importance of Nanad (sister-in-law) in the house.

This is the first ritual after the bride reaches the groom’s home. As the bride is considered to be Ghrihajaxmi i.e. a form of Goddess Laxmi, who brings wealth and good luck to a family, she is welcomed with aarti. At the entrance of the house, a vessel filled with rice is placed. The bride is asked to knock down the vessel with her right foot, spilling some rice. This ritual is said to mark the entrance of Goddess Laxmi in the home.

Reception Ceremony
The reception ceremony is celebrated by the groom side which is a formal introduction of the bride to the family, relatives and friends of the groom. This is a grand welcome ceremony for the bride in the new environment.