Out of nine forms of Goddess Durga, Chandraghanta, Katyayani and Kalratri are depicted as carrying a sword; Kushmunda, Sidhadhatri as holding a discus and Kalratri as holding additional Dragger (Bhala). All have mythological significance.

The powers of Durga represent feminine powers in all of us. The mythological weapons represent our inherent mental powers to fight to live in this world.

The power of a sword power (non moving astra power) indicates sharp intelligence and relates to straight forward resistance. For example, if you are not happy with somebody’s answer and you stab him on the spot and prove him wrong, is like using your sword power.

On the contrary, the power of a discus (moving shastra power) is your indirect power to make the other person realize his mistake and come back and withdraw.

The dagger or Bhala is in between the two. It is both an astra and a shastra. It is much sharper and more powerful than the sword.

All three of them are three human qualities used by a person in three different situations. For example, there is a theft in your house and you suspect your servant. You can use the sword power and confront him directly till he says yes or you can keep mum for the time being, look for evidence and, if you find it, then you confront him with much more force using your dagger power and, lastly, you can create circumstances by using your discus power and make the servant realize his mistake and come back to you to admit his mistake and seek pardon.