The 5 deadly passions are kama, krodha, lobha, moha and ahankaar. Kama denotes passion for sex, refined carbohydrate food, and wealth; krodha for anger; lobha for greed; moha for undue attachments for material things; and ahankaar for vanity or egoism.

These five vices can be removed either by willfully avoiding them, by practicing opposite virtues or by dipping oneself in silence using a primordial sound mantra called primordial sound meditation. Primordial sounds are the sounds of the nature and classified as beej mantra sounds.

In practice, it is difficult to remove the negative thoughts as, according to Yoga sutras of patanjali the more one tries to remove negative thoughts, the more they come and disturb the mind.

Meditation is one of the easiest ways of removing these 5 deadly passions and requires practicing for 20 minutes in the morning and evening on a daily basis.

Apart from meditation, one needs to inculcate positive actions in daily life. These are part of the sanskars, which one learns from parents and teachers. Most religions also teach these as a part of their spiritual teachings.

Darkness is absence of light; similarly, negative thoughts are absence of positive thoughts. By inculcating positive thoughts, one can get rid of negative thoughts. This is the basic mantra message from yoga sutras of patanjali.

The antidote for kama is shil which is chastity and continence; for krodha it is kshama or forgiveness and tolerance; for lobha it is santosh or contentment; for moha it is vivek or discrimination and vairagya or de-attachment; and for ahankaar it is deenata which is humility.

Therefore, one should practice continence, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment, discrimination, detachment, and humility, and include them as part of one’s routine life to get rid of these five deadly vices.