“Spiritual summary: AUM chanting is one of the most powerful mantra and should be done concentrating on the Ajna third eye chakra”.

Navratri is the detoxification of body, mind and soul. The nine days purification process is observed twice in a year, at the start of summer and winter. Chaitra Navratri is observed at the start of the summer for preparing the body to tolerate summer.

Body detoxification involves special Navratri diet principles of eating less, once a day with no cereals. In Navratri diet flour is replaced with Kuttu (winter) or Singhara (summer) flour; pulses with amaranth or Rajgiri and Rice with Samak rice.

Mental and soul detoxification involves practicing Yoga Sadhna as described in nine forms of Durga, one worshipped each day.

1.   Mata Katyayani is worshipped on 6th Navratri.

2.   SHE has three eyes and four hands and rides on a Lion.

3.   The top right hand is positioned in a gesture of providing courage and the other hand is positioned in a gesture of rendering a boon. The top left hand is holding a sword and the other holding a lotus.

4.   In Yoga Shastras she represents the Ajna Chakra and AUM bija mantra.   AUM chanting helps attaining success in religion, wealth, passion and salvation and removing fear and sorrows.