Today (Oct 29) is World Stroke Day and all doctors should revise their ABCs of stroke.

ABC for stroke prevention is

1.     Aspirin for people at risk

2.     Blood Pressure control

3.     Cholesterol management.

Most people are not taking the precautions

a. Less than 50% of those who should be taking daily aspirin take it

b. Less than 50% of those with high blood pressure have it under control.

c. Less than 33% of those with high cholesterol are on effective treatment

d. Less than 25% of those who smoke get help to quit when they see their doctor.

World Stroke Day is part of the Million Hearts campaign. The goal of the campaign is to cut the rate of heart attacks and stroke by one million over the next five years.

Someone in the U.S. alone has a stroke every 40 seconds. Stroke is one of the country’s leading causes of death.