In one of my morning classes, someone introduced herself that she is not married. Marriage is not only a relationship or commitment between two persons but can be a commitment between a person and the profession. Often I am being introduced to be having married to my profession first than my wife.

Marriage or a relationship is a commitment to each other. The principle of marriage between bride and groom are also applicable with any person with his or her profession.

A marriage is a triad of riding a female horse (controlling your senses); garlanding (learning to bow and controlling the ego) and saptapadi or a vow to earn righteously with an aim to fulfill the desire of inner happiness based on the four principle of life i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The same triad is also applicable one you are married to your profession. You are a successful professional only if you follow the above three principles.

In any relationship you need to satisfy your physical, mental, intellectual, egoistic and soul needs. When this happen between two people you call them made for each other. Same needs are in your relationship with the profession and the only difference is that the physical needs get converted into your physical work.