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Dr K K Aggarwal

How to answer and call on mobiles

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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• Say Hello and not “yes” when calling or answering calls. It’s hard and rude.

• Always put the phone gently if you need to put the telephone down during the conversation. Also hang up gently. Never slam the phone. The person at the other end may still be on the phone and sudden bang can be hurtful as well as rude.

• Make sure the number is correct so as not to risk disturbing strangers.

• Make your call as brief as possible, especially with busy people.

• When calling people who do not recognize your voice, introduce yourself.

• Time your calls. Do not interfere with the work schedule of others

• Make business calls well before the close of the office hours.

• After dialing a wrong number, apologize.

• When the number you are calling is not answered quickly, wait long enough for someone to put aside what he or she is doing. It is very annoying to have been disturbed just to pick up the telephone and find the caller has hung up.

• Never take a personal mobile call during a business meeting.

• Never talk in public places • Don’t talk emotional in public.

• Don’t use loud and annoying ring tones

• Never make calls while shopping, banking or waiting in line.

• Keep all talks brief and to the point.

• Use an earpiece in high-traffic or noisy locations.

• Demand “quiet zones” and “phone-free areas” at work and in public venues.

• Never call people at odd hours. If you sleep at 2am does not mean, others also follow the same.

• When calling on mobile always ask if the other person is free to talk.

• Learn to text when not in emergency.

Forgetfulness and Age

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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By the time we cross 40, most of us suffer from minimal cognitive impairment and have a memory loss of very recent events or objects. This is age related and should not be confused with dementia.

This can also happen in patients who are vegetarians and vitamin B12 deficient. People often have difficulty in naming objects and name of the people.

Just as a computer hangs up while doing multiple tasks, so does the human mind. When you handle multiple projects at the same time, you may experience thought blocks, which is natural and not a sign of a disease.

When we introduce ourselves to a new person, we often tell our name first. It is possible that by the time you finish your conversation, the person may forget your name. Therefore, one should either introduce themselves last after the conversation is over or introduce oneself at both times i.e. at the start and at the end of the conversation.

Some people introduce themselves before the conversation and hand over their visiting card at the end of a conversation. This is also taught in how to market yourself.

As medical doctors, we face these difficulties quite often. People send SMSs without their names or call without telling their names. For example, I once got a call “Malhotra Bol Raha Hoon Pehchana Kya?” As a doctor, we may have had hundreds of Malhotras as our patients and it is not expected from us, especially, after the age of 40 to recall a person just by his surname. Unless we are given complete information by the patient on phone, mistakes can be made, especially, if it is a phone consultation. In any way, phone consultation needs to be avoided. Even Supreme Court in one of its judgments said that giving phone consultation may amount to professional misconduct on the part of the doctor.