The principle of counseling comes from Bhagavad Gita where Arjuna, when he was confused whether to fight or not, Lord Krishna his counselor gave him 18 sessions. In the first session, he only listened to him. In the second session, he counseled him in great details. From 3rd to 17th session, he gave reasoning for each and every counseling aspect, frightened him and yet consoled him and lastly in the 18th session, he revised his counseling advices.

Cognitive behavioral therapy in Allopathy is based on these Bhagavad Gita principles and advocates multiple sessions for any counseling.

Divorce is invariably due to lack of communication or misunderstanding between the two partners. When they file separation which is usually in rage or as a reaction, and when they are given six months to one year period, it is possible for them to reconcile their issues based on the above principles of Bhagavad Gita.

The other principle of this therapy is based on the concept of creativity. The stages of creativity are – intended intention, information gathering, information reshuffling, incubation period, insight and implementation.

Whenever we want to do a job, we should first concentrate and sit to think about it. Then we gather information and reshuffle this information to choose the information which we need.

After that, we must divert our mind to do something different. This period is called incubation period. During this incubation period, an insight comes in the mind which gives us the direction to implement our thoughts.

This is based on the principle that a relaxed mind is a creative mind. That is the reason that most of our Rishis  Munies used to go into deep meditation to become more creative. Spiritual pilgrimage also involves a period of being away from the routine.

The six months to one year period given before sanctioning of divorce also works on this principle of incubation period. Separation itself takes away the stress and when one starts relaxation, the person introspects and finds that the fault is in him or her also and the same helps in reconciliation.