Annakoot festival is observed on the day of Goverdhan Pooja after Diwali. There are many mythological scientific descriptions for this pooja.

1.  On this day, there is a change in the season so is change in the availability of fruits and vegetables in the market. On the day of Annakoot, people cook all types of outgoing and incoming vegetables and eat them. It reminds people that this is the last day for eating these outgoing vegetables for health reasons.

2.  Annakoot emphasizes the importance of eating mixed vegetables. It is traditionally said that one should eat all seven colours and six tastes. Mixed vegetables provide all vitamins.

3.   Annakoot is observed after Diwali. During Diwali people eat a lot of heavy food with predominant sweet taste. On the day of Annakoot eating a diet predominant in vegetables (bitter and green taste) help in balancing the imbalance caused by heavy sugary food items during Diwali.

4.  In mythology it is also said that on this day, a mountain heap is created of all the cooked vegetables, eaten and distributed. It also indicates that from now onwards, one should eat only light food and distribute the leftovers.