Health is not mere absence of disease but a state of physical, mental, social, spiritual, environmental and financial well being. Children should be given exposure to all aspects of health including financial health and spiritual health.

Internationally it has been shown that seven to nine hours of sleep is necessary to achieve optimal health. Taking into consideration the New Year parties, which the children attend, he appealed to the students to take at least seven to nine hours of sleep which can be remembered by the formula: 8 hours for oneself (sleep and hygiene), 8 hours of studies and 8 hours for the social life and family.

Childhood obesity is the new epidemic of the society and can only be controlled by the right education in school children.

Children should refrain from fast food as it is not good for health and have such food provided that it is natural during the New Year party time. It’s unnatural fast food which is called junk food which is a combination of maida and cheese, with or without sugar, which is harmful.

Teachers, parents and doctors should be the role model to the society and should do what they preach.