Pending work can disturb your dreams as the very thought of a pending work is converted into a file and stored in the hard disk of your human body. In relaxed state, the pending work will keep on sending signals or reminders to the mind.

When we sleep, we experience two types of sleeps, one is a dream state and second is a non-dream state. During dream state of sleep, we experience rapid eye movements. The initial part of the sleep has more non-dream states than the dream state in the ratio of 45:15 and in the later part of the sleep, at the time of getting up, the ratio is 15:45. If we get up during a dream state in the morning, it is likely we are aware of the dream.

A relaxed mind is creative mind is a well known Upanishad saying. The thought of pending work will invariably be present in the dream state of sleep. Priority of pending work will also show priority on the dreams.

 Also when one is totally relaxed or in deep meditation, the pending works will come and disturb the thoughts. They can even disturb the meditative process. Even if you just note down and write the pending works and not finish them, they will lose their priority in the dreams.

If you have a flight to catch in the morning and have a fear that you will miss the flight, this will invariably come in your dreams and disturb your night. Similarly, unfulfilled desires/fear including guilt can be experienced during the dreams.

Pranayama, sleep or deeper breathing which is a parasympathetic state of mind is the dream state of sleep.