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Dr K K Aggarwal

What is charity?

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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Some time back after returning from a free health check-up camp, I met a processor of Cardiology from Lucknow and started boasting that I had seen 100 patients free of charge today. He said do not get excited. Charity is a positive, but still not the absolute positive, unless it is done without any motive or done secretly.  He said that you were honored on the stage; you got blessings from the patients and people talked about you in positive sense. It was an investment in the long run and not an absolute charity. When you serve, never be honored on the stage by the people to whom you are serving. If you do so, then it is like give and take. The purpose of life should be to help others without any expectations.

Understanding helping others

When you help others, it should not harm somebody else even though your help is unconditional. If you promote somebody by superseding another deserving senior person, this is not a help as the person to whom you are helping will give you one blessing but the person to whom you have harmed will give you 10 curses. Ultimately you end up with minus 8 points.  Helping other means that it should give happiness to you, to the persons you have helped and also to others to whom you have not helped.

Helping always pays

The difference between American and Indian models is that Indians always think of now and do not invest in future.  Americans always plans for the future.  When we help somebody, we want that the same person should expect you by helping you when you are in need in a shorter run.  But charity does not believe in that. Your job is to help others and negate your negative past karmas. You never know, may be decades later you might receive help from a person who you had helped decades earlier. Help should never be linked to returns.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are my own).

Traditionally, we recognize Raksha Bandhan as a bond of love between a brother and a sister. Rakhi is synonymous with purity of the relationship. The tying of the rakhi also denotes the brother’s vow to protect his sister. The Raksha Bandhan festival represents the spirit of fraternity. It is a traditional way to celebrate the unconditional love between siblings. The word ‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘Bandhan’ signifies bondage. Rakhi is a sacred that sister ties on her brother’s wrist to protect him from all types of negativity in life. The brother also vows to protect his loving sister by offering her a suitable gift. This festival that glorifies precious emotions of love, care and affection Give your sister the precious gift of good health on this Raksha Bandhan. Gift her a health checkup package. Share love not sweets. Sweets are rich in trans-fats and refined carbohydrates. Trans-fats increase LDL or the bad cholesterol and lower HDL or the healthy cholesterol and increase the risk for diseases like heart attack. Sweets that are made of hydrogenated fats are rich in trans-fats. Also, do not gift chocolates as they are rich in refined sugar and saturated fats. They can be harmful to the health. Chocolates can increase the chances of fatty liver, abdominal obesity and metabolic syndrome. Give dry fruits, jaggery chana, sattu, fruits instead of sweets, chocolates and cookies. All women needs iron an proteins. Jaggery is high in iron and chana (black gram) in proteins. Sattu is the natural healthy fast food and good for the health. Fresh fruits are health friendly. One should eat atleast 3-5 servings of fruits every day, Dry fruits are protective as they have high contents of natural vitamin E. The views and opinions expressed in the text are entirely my personal views.