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Dr K K Aggarwal

What do you mean by ‘food is Brahman’?

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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‘Food is Brahman’ is a saying from the Vedic Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita.

Brahma is consciousness, therefore, food is consciousness. Though the traditional Vedic teaching has been that consciousness is present in everything and yet only food is considered Brahman. We never say that stone is Brahman or dog is Brahman.

As per Chandogya Upanishad (6.15.1) at the time of death, our Vak Vritti (motor senses) merges into Karma Indriyas or mano vritti (sensory senses, mind, intellect, ego and memory) and that now merges with Prana (Udana Vayu) and finally this merges into Tejas, which leaves the body to merge into the Sat.

Vak Vritti, Mano Vritti and Prana Vritti, in the form of vibrations in the atmosphere come back through rain and is taken up by the plants to become plant consciousness.

Therefore, as per Chandogya Upanishad, the consciousness of the Brahman moves from human to plants and plants to human.

The plant food once eaten and absorbed enters into the human body and ultimately makes Prana, Tejas, Ojas, Sperms and Ova. Through sperm and ova, it enters into the next life.

If this theory is correct, then food makes the consciousness and consciousness makes food.

This also further proves that vegetarian food, as it is full of Brahman creates a satvik mind and takes one towards spirituality.

The Tamsik food, which is dead and devoid of consciousness does not lead to a healthy mind as it may produce Mal (waste) or make flesh but will not make essence.

As per Chandogya Upanishad, fiery food makes Karma Indriyas, earthy food makes Gnana Indriyas and Water in food makes Prana.

It further emphasizes on the fact that one should eat freshly cut fruits and vegetables as far as possible as life or consciousness in them can only stay for some time (as per Jainism up to 48 minutes).

Can I postpone death?

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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Yes. If I read Vedic science, it is possible to postpone death. As per Chandogya Upanishad, death is a process in which first Karma Indriyas die, then Gnan Indriyas die followed by mind, intellect, memory, ego, and then Prana vayu merges with Udana vayu and that merges with Tejas and finally Tejas leave to merge with the Sat. That means at every step it is possible to help the body. 1. At the level of Karma Indriyas, the immunity can be strengthened by providing adequate fat and oil based nutrition to the dying person. 2. Karma Indriyas, mind, intellect, memory and ego can be strengthened by giving non–fat based earthy food to the dying person that means maintaining full calories. 3. Prana Vayu can be strengthened by providing liquid hydration and with the assistance of ventilator as and when required. 4. At the level of Tejas, it is possible to postpone death by creating artificial therapeutic hypothermia in which the body temperature is brought down to less than 95, preferably to 89. 5. If the heart has stopped, it is possible to revive it by the CPR 10 technique is based on the formula – within 10 minutes of death (earlier the better), for the next 10 minutes (longer the better), compress the centre of the chest of the victim with a speed of 10×10=100 per minute. ….