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Dr K K Aggarwal

Spiritual Prescriptions: Prefer Meditation and Not Medication

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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Meditation and not medication should be the first line of treatment for most lifestyle disorders. The very fact that our body has a receptor for each and every drug means it has the capacity to produce that drug. God did not make these receptors for pharmacological agents or drugs. The key lies in achieving the undisturbed state of consciousness, which can be obtained by either controlling the disturbed state of mind or bypassing it by using the mantra. The subject of spiritual medicine should be included in schools, colleges and medical sciences. Confession and communication are two easy modules of controlling the disturbed state of mind. As darkness is absence of light, negative thoughts are absence of positive thoughts. To reduce negative thoughts, one should inculcate positive thoughts, actions and behaviors. One cannot hate a stranger. One can only hate a person whom he or she has loved. Hatred is therefore withdrawal of love, and it can only be removed by bringing the love back. It has been shown that diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, paralysis, asthma and acid-peptic disease can be kept under control with meditation without or with minimal medicines

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are my own).

Why cricketers do not commit suicide

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In an analysis of all 61 cine star celebrity deaths by Heart Care Foundation of India, it was found that 8 out of 61 committed suicide and another 2 survived a severe depression.  Till now, the medical profession, especially the initial years, was perceived as the most suicide prone profession.  Would the film industry today acknowledge that depression and suicides are very common as compared to other professions?  When we compare the film industry and the current IPL cricket industry, we find that both of them deal with stress and strains of life.

Cricketers face the stresses of being left out from the final XI, losing a match or scoring a duck or getting out on a score of 99. The stress in cricket is even more as the person is playing for the country.  But even with similar levels of stress, cricketers do not get depressed or commit suicide.  One reason may be that cricket as a game is more disciplined, requires a constant practice, regular physical fitness and exercise, not eating refined carbohydrates as has been advocated by the cricket academy and regular presence of counselors in every academy where they are attached.  Counseling sessions are often held before and after the game. On the other hand, in the film industry people are more isolated, self-centered with no food discipline or sessions of yoga, pranayama and meditation. Seniors often suppress the newcomers/juniors.  The expectation from juniors by seniors is much more in the cine industry.  Its not only suicides, other lifestyle disorders too are much more common in the film industry than that in cricket industry or any other profession.  Three major causes of death in the cine industry are heart attacks, cancer and depression or suicide.  All three are related to lifestyle disorders.

The time has come for the film industry to come out with policies and guidelines on how to reduce this stress.