There are three languages a person should know in any country: A language which everybody in the world can understand, a language which everybody in the country can understand and, finally, a language which everybody in his State can understand.

I was recently in Kanyakumari where I took over as the National Vice-President (Elect) of Indian Medical Association. I met there a lot of local doctor friends. Most of them could not understand, read or speak Hindi. They were speaking either English or Tamil.

I wonder as to how people who do not know English can communicate with them. They do not know Hindi and people in northIndiamay not know Tamil.

It is, therefore, important that Government of India should come out with a uniform policy of a national language and a state language. It should be compulsory for every person to know both national as well as sate language.

Obviously with no exception national language can only be Hindi as it is recognized as the National language by the Government of India. English cannot be our national language but it should be learnt by everybody if you want to compete globally as practically every country has accepted English as a common language when it comes to international relations.

There is no denial that regional languages should be permitted and continued but it should not look like that you are living in a country with multiple small countries within.

Will the so called law makers or policy makers think about it or again someday some of the Supreme Court judges will have to force the Government to make uniform policy?