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Dr K K Aggarwal

Traditionally people believe that Nastik are people who do not go to temples or related places of worship. They also do not believe in God. To differentiate between Astik and Nastik we need to first understand the concept of Sanatan Dharma and Arya Samaj Dharma. People who believe in Sanatan Dharma consider God as separate from the self and worship him in the form of an idol. They believe in Dualism theory. Arya Samaj followers do not do idol worship and believe in non dualism and treat God and self as one. Arya Samajis therefore will not go to a temple where the idols of Gods are placed. Being an Arya Samaji does not mean that the person is Nastik. The word Nastik means someone who does not believe in God at all therefore he or she also does not believe in self as God is nothing but self. In medical sciences these are the people who have no insight and will usually be suffering from depression and loss of self esteem.

Why We Do Not Go For Honeymoon At Places Of Worship?

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Both marriage and married life are considered scared. Yet our mythology prohibits going for honeymoon at places of worship.

As per Vedas, spirituality and sexuality are poles apart. When you are going for a pilgrimage at a place of worship, you are required to keep your sexual desires out.

Nandi, the bull, in mythology has been equated to the sexual desires. It is always worshipped outside theShiva Templemeaning thereby you cannot enter a temple with sexual desires.

You need to let go your desires outside the temple. In Amar Nath Ki Yatra, the first thing Lord  Shiva discarded was Nandi. Typical meditation teaching also involves to let go your desires as the first step.