There is no link between long-term use of mobiles and brain tumors finds new research published online in the British Medical Journal. In this largest study on the subject to date, Danish researchers found no evidence that the risk of brain tumors was raised among 358,403 mobile phone subscribers over an 18-year period.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer recently classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields, as emitted by mobile phones, as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

The only cohort study investigating mobile phone use and cancer to date is a Danish nationwide study comparing cancer risk of all 420,095 Danish mobile phone subscribers from 1982 until 1995, with the corresponding risk in the rest of the adult population with follow-up to 1996 and then 2002. This study found no evidence of any increased risk of brain or nervous system tumors or any cancer among mobile phone subscribers. The researchers, led by the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen, continued this study up to 2007. Overall, 10,729 central nervous system tumors occurred in the study period 1990-2007. When the figures were restricted to people with the longest mobile phone use — 13 years or more — cancer rates were almost the same in both long-term users and non-subscribers of mobile phones.

Dr KK comments:  In India the implications would be different as passive mobile radiation rate is very high.  The study also did not take into account the number of hours use per day and the same will be much higher in Indians. Most people are studying the effect of mobiles on brain cancer but what about all types of cancers. We are seeing a substantial increase in the number and types of cancers in India.  Apart from mobile radiations one must also study the additional effects of microwave radiations, X- ray radiations, active and passive smoking etc in explain the high occurrence of cancers.