It is possible to save the life of a person within 10 minutes of death.

Consciousness does not leave the body till the brain is alive.

It takes upto 10 minutes for the brain to die permanently and once that happens, life cannot be brought back.

Savitri-Satyavan incident can be equated to be the first mythological example of revival with Savitri fighting with Yamraja and reviving Satyavan’s life back after sudden cardiac death.

Following are the terms which, if learnt properly, can save the life of a person:

1. Savitri Yagna  is the process of learning as to how to revive a person after death and the technique is called CPR 10.

2. Savitri Dharma means my purpose of life should be to save somebody who has died accidentally and suddenly before time.

3. Savitri Mantra is the mantra which should be recited by everybody till it is remembered at the level of your consciousness and the mind, “Marneke dus minute ke under kam se kam das minute tak 10×10=100 per minute ki speed se apni chhati peetne ke badle mare hue aadmi ki chhati peeto”.

4. Nest step is Savitri Aasan which means in which position to save the life of the person. For this the dead person is made to lie on the floor and bystanders should stands on his knee on his side.

5. Next is Savitri Mudra which means getting ready for compressing the centre of the chest of the dead victim with both arms stretched with elbow straight.

6. Savitri House: is the location where the compression has to be done on the dead person and this location has to be in between the two nipples.

7. Savitri Karma: Is to compress the centre of the chest of the dead victim with a speed of 10×10=100 per minutes.

With all this, it is possible to revive 80% of the people who die suddenly before time especially due to heart attack, drowning and electrocution.