1.  Gambling is mentioned on Diwali celebrations in the story of Mahabharata. It teaches us about taking calculated risk in life

2.  In Mahabharata it teaches that excess of everything is bad. If Yudhishtira had not risked Draupadi on that day while plying dice Mahabharata could not have been there. The same divine dice game became a vice for that moment.

3.   Even if you lose while gambling one should not lose the heart and take conscious based decisions. Krishna (consciousness) saving Draupadi (material things in life) means the same.

4.   On Diwali day one starts with new projects in life and taking calculated risks makes sense.

5.  Gambling on Diwali can be a symbolic game but should not become a vice.

6.   According to mythology Goddess Parvati enjoyed playing dice with Lord Shiva on this day.  It’s a popular saying that those who cling to virtue at this festival time, refusing to gamble, will be reborn as donkeys. Mean its foolishness not to take calculated risks in business.

7.   Loosing and winning is part of life and one must learn to balance the two states of mind.