Any campaigning involves principles of advertising mainly the principle of collective consciousness which is based on the critical mass above, which the generated message spreads like fire.

The recent Anna movement with mass hysteria can be explained by this critical mass  phenomenon.

It is scientifically proved that rumors spread like wild fire once the critical mass of 1% in the general population is achieved. All political or non political waves (including Anna wave) is based on this principle.

Advertisements in newsprints and in electronic media also work on the same principle. In campaigning, if 1% of your voters feel that you should win, the chances are that you will win.

This observation is based on famous 100th-monkey phenomenon. “Long time back there was a monkey called EMO in a far off village in Japan. Monkeys at that time used to eat apples lying in the gardens full of dust. One day EMO by mistake washed the apple in the pond before eating. Why from next time onwards he washed every apple he ate. From one monkey the message went to the second monkey and then to the third and so on. Many monkeys started washing apples before eating. After sometime some neighbouring monkeys from other villages also started washing apples before eating. The day 100th monkey washed the apple and ate, a strange phenomenon was observed all over the country. Monkeys all over the country started washing apples before eating. The critical mass in that area therefore was 100. Once the critical mass was achieved, the information spread like wild fire to each and every monkey and everybody started washing apples before eating.”

In campaigning also the politicians make use of this principle and make sure that the critical mass is achieved to start with. In local political meetings also, the same principle of 1% critical mass is used. For a gathering of 1000 people, politicians make sure that they have minimum 10 of their own people are sitting in the audience to initiate clapping. When 10 people clap, the rest 990 will also follow and clap. Similarly, for a gathering of 2000 they will need 20 people and for 10,000 they will need 100 people.

Rumors are also used as one of the main weapon in political campaigning. They also work on the same principle of 1% or critical mass. You can plant your people in other’s political meetings and start spreading rumors or hood their meeting. The only precaution that you should take is to cross1% of the number.

When you want to pass on a message to the audience, it has to be flashed for atleast 10 seconds. The mind cannot remember what it had seen or heard for less than 10 seconds. The politicians will highlight what they want to say and pass on hurriedly what they do not want the people to remember.