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Dr K K Aggarwal

Tips to prevent deficiency of Vitamin B12

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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Avoid consumption of alcohol. Consuming alcohol in excess leads to gastritis and damages the intestinal lining. This can further interfere with absorption of vitamin B12.

Quit smoking. It has been observed that serum vitamin B12 levels are usually lower in smokers.

Have supplements. Vegetarian food is deficient in vitamin B12. Therefore, it is important to take a B12-containing multivitamin. Other than this, include soy foods and foods fortified with vitamin B12 in your diet.

Include vitamin B6 in your diet. This will help in the absorption and storage of vitamin B12. Spinach, walnuts, poultry, avocados, and bananas are good sources of B6.

Some tips to prevent anemia

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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  1. Eat foods rich in iron. Some iron-rich foods include dark-green leafy vegetables, such as watercress and curly kale, iron-fortified cereals, whole grains, such as brown rice, beans, nuts, meat, apricots, prunes, and raisins.
  2. Include vitamin C-rich foods and drinks in your diet as it will help the body in absorbing iron.
  3. Avoid drinking tea or coffee with meals, as this affects the absorption of iron.
  4. Include enough sources of vitamin B12 and folic acid in your diet.

Forgetfulness and Age

By Dr K K Aggarwal
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By the time we cross 40, most of us suffer from minimal cognitive impairment and have a memory loss of very recent events or objects. This is age related and should not be confused with dementia.

This can also happen in patients who are vegetarians and vitamin B12 deficient. People often have difficulty in naming objects and name of the people. Just as a computer hangs while multitasking, so can the human mind. When you are handle multiple projects at the same time, you may experience thought blocks, which is natural and not a sign of a disease. When we introduce ourselves to a new person, we often tell our name first. It is possible by the time you finish your conversation, the person may forget your name. Therefore, you should either introduce yourself at the end of the conversation or introduce yourself both times i.e. at the start and at the end of the conversation. Some people introduce themselves before the conversation and hand over their visiting card at the end of a conversation. This is also taught in how to market yourself. As a medical doctor, quite often we face these difficulties. People send SMSs without their names or call without telling their names. For example, I once got a call “Malhotra bol raha hoon pehchana kya?” As a doctor, I could have had many patients named Malhotra and it is not expected from us, especially, after the age of 40 to recall a person just by his surname. Unless full information is given to us by patient on phone, we may do mistakes, especially, if it is a phone consultation. In any way, phone consultation needs to be avoided. Even Supreme Court in one of its judgments said that giving phone consultation may amount to professional misconduct on the part of the doctor.