As per Rig Veda, there are eight types of marriages depending on which need you are trying to fulfill.

1. Brahman or arranged marriage: The parents choose the right spouse for their daughter and give her away in a wedding function.
2. Praajaapathyam: Groom wants to marry to become a grihasth to do his dharma.
3. Aarusham: A man realizing that he cannot function by himself without a wife approaches the girl’s father to give away the daughter to him. The man offers two cows (money) in exchange.
4. Daiveekam: When yagna was done, kings offered their daughters as Dakshina (fees for the conductor of the yagna for the services rendered) to the rishis who conducted the yagna.
5. Aasuram: Give a lot of money or other forms of wealth either to the girl or her parents and marry.
6. Gaandharvam: A man and a woman falling in love out of lust and then getting married.
7. Raakshasam: Abducting the girl and getting married.
8. Paisaasam: Getting married to a girl when she is sleeping or unaware of what is going on (like under the influence of drug or intoxication).